Koala calling

Koala Breeding Season. Part 1: Koala song

It is THE BEST time of year! Its koala breeding season down here in south-eastern Australia!

Koala Breeding Season starts in October when males like me feel the urge to sing. Apparently our testosterone builds at this time, and it makes us want to proclaim our vitality to the world.

Have you ever heard a koala sing? This is me:

Starting in October, koala songs ring out through The Bush. The song travels far – it is deep pitched, and bass sounds travel well. (Have you ever noticed – when you hear a distant late-night party, it is only the bass you hear?)

Here’s the action – the rolling sound comes first, followed by a loud, short grunt.  The rolling sound is given with the head held slightly up:male koala bellowing

Then the head is raised for the grunt:

male koala grunting

At full stretch for the conclusion of the grunt. Then it repeats, often for several minutes.

male koala singing

If you go out into the gum-tree forests of south-eastern Australia anytime between October and March you could hear koalas singing. It is best heard at night. In early breeding season we only sing at night, but by December/January we sing occasionally during the day as well.

Watch it live: 

Our females hear our songs and choose their mate based on the quality of the song. It seems they are mostly interested in the deepest bass singers – they like baritones not tenors!

What do the females do when they hear a song they love? They come on over!  Read about it here.

Read about male koala interactions with other males here.

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