About Clancy

G’day there!  I’m Koala Clancy.  I’m a wild 4 year old male koala living in the You Yangs Ranges, near Melbourne, south-eastern Australia.

I see a lot of great things out in The Bush, and I want to share them with the world.  Sometimes I think that humans need to hear a voice from the wild – a reminder that wild animals have a right to live.  We have families too!  We need to eat, drink, and live out our lives the way nature intended.  Without wildlife there is no life on earth.

I am still a teenager really, and I like to cause a bit of trouble amongst the koala establishment.  Winberry, the dominant male, doesn’t like me at all.  The old ones say I’m a bit arrogant, and that I should mind my manners and have some respect.  But I am the son of Pat and Anzac, and the grandson of Smoky.  We are a powerful family, that has ruled the best habitats in the You Yangs for many, many years.  Confidence is my birthright!  When I was a baby my mum Pat told me that I would rule this land, and I am determined to prove her right!

Follow me, and I will show you The Great Aussie Bush in a way you’ve never seen it before:  Through the all-seeing eyes of a wild Koala!  On the way, by listening or sharing my story with your friends, you will help me, and all my wild friends.


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