Clancy’s Family Tree



All of the koalas shown have been monitored in the wild in the You Yangs Range by Echidna Walkabout’s Wild Koala Research Project.  Koalas monitored by this project are not touched, tagged, harassed or interfered with in any way.  They are identified using our Nose Pattern Identification Technique, which gives accurate positive identifications from a distance, thus ensuring the koalas are not harmed or stressed by the project.

All of the koalas shown, except Pitta and Smoky, are still being monitored in the wild at the date of publication (April 2014).   Pitta left our research area, as most young males do, and has not been seen since 2009.  Clancy moved to our second research area, and is still seen regularly.  Banjo is currently living on the fringes of his mother’s area – we don’t expect him to stay, but we hope he will!!  Anzac and Pat still live in their traditional home ranges.

We don’t have any idea who Pat’s father is.  We started researching the You Yangs koalas when she was already a 1 year old joey.  It is possible that Merle, the dominant male in Smoky’s area, is Pat’s father.

Smoky almost certainly had other offspring before Pat.  Of the females living nearby, based on proximity, appearance and age Elizabeth is the most likely sister of Pat.

Pitta’s father is unknown – we can’t even make a guess.  Pat disappeared for a month around the time Pitta was conceived.  So there is a very good chance that Merle is not Pitta’s father.  We had only just met Anzac at that time, so he is possible.  He was living on the fringes of Merle’s area then.  But there are many other possible fathers.

We are not sure that Anzac is the father of Clancy and Banjo, but in both cases Pat was seen sharing trees with Anzac at around the time of conception.  In addition, Clancy is growing up to look a lot like Anzac.  In time we will do DNA and then we’ll know for sure.



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