Which male will be king koala

Vote for the next King Koala on Wild Koala Day

In the wild, when one door closes, another opens.

In The Bush when an animal dies, it’s not all tragedy. When a dominant male koala dies, a young male gets a chance to be the top koala.

So when my dad Anzac died late in 2017 after a long and successful life, he left an open door.

In fact, he left two open doors: when Anzac first came to power he took over the home ranges of two previous dominant males.

Now three males are bluffing, posturing and even fighting for his title. Here they are, and if you go to my facebook page you can vote for your favourite.

Koala Clancy wild koala day event
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wild koala day vote for next king koala

Zack is the perfect age to take over from Anzac. He is about 8 years old – same age as me – and that’s when a male has the perfect blend of strength and experience.

What’s more, Zack has been living beside Anzac since 2013. He knows Anzac’s style. He could take over smoothly, without upsetting the ladies.

Zack is also very wily. For five years he has lived on the edge, close to Anzac, but just out of reach. Anzac could have hurt him badly, but Zack never let him.

Does Zack deserve the title of Koala King the most? Vote for him here.

Watch his video:


Next king koala You Yangs Lluvia

Lluvia is the young fellow who wants to take over my father’s old home range.

He’s only 3 years old, and most dominant males are much older when they first take the crown. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. My dad Anzac was only 4 when he became the king. Anzac is probably Lluvia’s dad too.

He is relaxed, brave and confident – all good characteristics. He is also persistent, which might prove to be the most important asset of all.

If you think Lluvia can do it, vote for him by liking this video.


wild koala day king koala

Cruiz is almost as old as Anzac, so this is his last chance at being dominant male of the best territory in the You Yangs.

He wants it, bad. Since 2008 Cruiz has been living on Anzac’s fringe, in a home range quite inferior to Anzac’s. He has watched his women go to Anzac in breeding season, time and time again. It has almost driven him crazy.

Cruiz is big, experienced and the survivor of many fights. He has nothing to lose.

If you think Cruiz should have a taste of success before his retirement, vote for him here.

Watch and like his video:

Wild Koala Day is coming up on May 3. Its important for you humans to protect us in the wild. The wild is where the most interesting koala behaviour happens.

Read more about why Humans need Koalas here. 

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